2020-21 DobberProspects Organizational Rankings: 3-1

Peter Harling



What NHL franchise has the best prospects? That can be a difficult and subjective question to answer.

To give it our best shot, the senior staff at DobberProspects has collaborated to give our personal rankings for each team. With that, we have established a consensus ranking.

Peter Harling (Content Manager) has put together a team consisting of Cam Robinson (Managing Editor), Jokke Nevalainen (Director of European Scouting), Tony Ferrari (Director of North American Scouting), Brayden Olafson (Jr. Associate Editor), and Pat Quinn (Associate Editor).

The process for the final rankings consisted of each writer submitting their team’s prospect rankings. Every NHL team scored no less than a top ten prospects. However, to find organizations that have depth as well as quality, we allowed writers to include additional prospects  (up to a top 15) if they felt they were fantasy relevant. Another bonus we awarded teams was if they had roster players under 21-years-old that had established themselves as NHL players, such as Andrei Svechnikov. Players older than 25-year-old were excluded. For the players ranked, they would be scored between 1-10, a ten being a potential franchise player. The total of all the scores determines the overall team score.

This series of articles will release the results in a count down of 5-6 teams per article, revealing the team’s overall score, each writer’s score, top prospects, and an overview or outlook of the future.

In case you missed previous rankings you can find them on our Organizational Rankings Page

In the conclusion of the series, this edition looks at the top three ranked organizations

But before I dive into the three top teams, let’s take a closer look at how the six contributing writers voted. The chart below contains each writes overall score for each team and is ranked from 31st down to number one.


Some observations of note;

  • Highest score given – 96.5 by Cam to Carolina
  • Lowest score given – 28 by Peter to Washington
  • Number of teams with a score less than 50 by each writer:
    • Brayden – 8
    • Peter – 9
    • Tony – 5
    • Cam – 9
    • Jokke – 7
    • Pat – 1 (Pat loves everyone)
  • Number of teams with a score higher than 80:
    • Brayden – 6
    • Peter – 2
    • Tony – 6
    • Cam – 2
    • Jokke – 5
    • Pat – 7

The next graph is another example but in bar graph format if you prefer a more visual representation.