Fantasy Summary

A smooth skating defenceman who utilizes his mobile playing style on the power play. Potential power play quarterback at the NHL level.


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October 2020 – The fact of the matter is that Tychonick has not had the path he or the Senators had hoped for since his draft. He struggled to find room on the University of North Dakota roster and decided to transfer to the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He will not be sitting out a year due to transfer rules. His development has started to stall and he will need to get it back on the road if there is any hope to a prospect with some promise. Tony Ferrari 

January 2020 – The sophomore season for Jonny Tychonick hasn’t gone as he had hoped to this point. Despite having nine points in 15 games, he hasn’t been able to stick in the lineup for any sustained period of time with the University of North Dakota. His defensive play may be to blame for the consistent scratches but the production speaks for itself. His offense and transitional play have been good this season as he’s played to his strength when he is in the lineup. Tychonick will have to keep up his solid play, when in the lineup, in the second half of the season if he wants to begin earning regular playing time. Tychonick