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Tony Ferrari is the Managing Editor and Director of Scouting for DobberProspects. Living in Windsor, Ontario, a perfect spot to catch games from junior to pro in Ontario and Michigan. Whether it’s watching games on the treadmill or late at night, he’s probably watched hockey today. The only thing he loves more than the NHL Draft are his two kids and wife and even they question it sometimes. Tony is also the host of Dobber’s DraftCast, an NHL Draft centric podcast, as well as a video series called Game Tape with Tony where he sits down and goes over some game tape with draft-eligible prospects.

All-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft

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Welcome to the ALL-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft presented by Feeling Good and #Analysis  The NHL is a league where teams draft a player based on being "6'5" every time he steps onto the ice". Despite being the most reserved league of the major sports in North America, they may draft off of vibes more [...]