All-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft

Tony Ferrari


Welcome to the ALL-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft presented by Feeling Good and #Analysis 

The NHL is a league where teams draft a player based on being “6’5″ every time he steps onto the ice”. Despite being the most reserved league of the major sports in North America, they may draft off of vibes more often than any other sport. It just isn’t the cool vibes we’re all thinking of. It’s the player is big or a real character guy in the room. That’s all good and well (not usually, but we’ll ignore that for now) but the plan here to take that to the next level. Let’s put together a ridiculous, fun, and analysis-lacking, ALL-VIBES Mock Draft.


Draft order courtesy of Tankathon


Will any of the picks be correct? Probably not but maybe. Will this be fun and the reasoning for the picks be fun to make up? Yup. If you plan on taking this exercise seriously, I honestly can’t tell you to relax enough. This is the kind of analysis you get from the “Big Networks” so obviously you can expect the best. Seriously though, have some fun. The order above was the lone spin taken on to determine the draft order. Congrats Ducks fans, you get the first overall pick. Let’s get started.


1st Overall | Anaheim Ducks | C Matthew Beniers

Matthew Beniers is maybe the most polished and pro-ready prospect in the draft. He plays a solid 200-foot game and much like the World Juniors, he could play an admirable second fiddle to Trevor Zegras as the Ducks look to solidify their center position in the top-six for years to come.


2nd Overall | New Jersey Devils | W William Eklund

He played with 2020 seventh overall pick Alexander Holtz all