Join Our Crew!


Are you dreaming of becoming a professional hockey journalist? Or perhaps a professional hockey scout?

Becoming a prospect analyst at DobberProspects is a good starting point for either of those career paths – but obviously, you can join the crew even if you’re not looking to make a career out of it.

We don’t expect our analysts to be professional-level journalists or scouts. We will provide guidance and mentorship throughout your time at DobberProspects. The most important thing is genuine interest towards hockey and prospects in particular, and enthusiasm to become a better analyst during your time with us.

All of our analysts are encouraged to go to nearby hockey rinks to watch live hockey as much as possible, and our senior crew will provide instructions on how to gain press passes to the games. But we also encourage video scouting and can provide access to certain junior leagues’ live streams and recordings.

We offer a number of different roles and responsibilities which are explained below. Please notice that one person can hold one or more roles based on your interests, so you’ll have plenty of possibilities to focus on the area that interests you the most or you can expand your portfolio. All current crew members can be found from here: Our Scouting Staff.


Current openings at DobberProspects

  1. Team Contributors: Bruins

Please note that these are all unpaid entry-level positions designed to bring experience and exposure, as well as fulfill a sports fanatic’s dream of having his/her opinions out there for all to see. Entry-level positions open up the opportunity to do some paid work throughout the season, and all senior and management positions are filled from within the organization.

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