Our Scouting Staff

DobberProspects has scouts around the world, focusing on a specific area of hockey. They have a keen eye on skill improvement, statistical trends, and organizational depth charts. With dozens of leagues boasting top prospects, it’s impossible for one person to keep an eye on everyone. But with focused scouting and analysis, most young guns can get the proper coverage. More information about our roles and responsibilities as well as current openings can be found from here: Join Our Crew.

Managing Editor

Dave Hall (@hall1289) is the Managing Editor and Vancouver Canucks team contributor for DobberProspects. When he’s not writing about, watching, or reliving his “glory days” in men’s league, you can find him enjoying the views of the West Coast (Vancouver Island) with his wife and two boys. He is a disgruntled Canucks fan, owns every NHL game since 93′ and is a die-hard fantasy hockey enthusiast.

Associate Editors

Pat Quinn (@FHPQuinn) – Pat is awful at writing about himself, but can often be found watching hockey, complaining about hockey, or reading about hockey. He is in way too many fantasy hockey pools and averages around seven per season (the record was 12), as he finds drafting players his favorite part of all fantasy hockey. Being a Devils fan in a Canadian city can be weird. Writes for the Capitals and has an interesting time trying to think of ramblings to write. Is on Twitter tweeting about hockey and being hilarious.

Nick Richard (@_NickRichard) – Nick is the Director of North American Scouting for DobberProspects. He also covers the Maple Leafs at TheLeafsNation.com and co-hosts the Lamenting the Leafs podcast.

Hadi Kalakeche (@HadiK_Scouting) – Hadi is DobberProspects’ Associate Editor and N.J. Devils contributor, a QMJHL Regional Scout for the DobberProspects scouting team, and the North American Prospects Writer for Habs Eyes On The Prize. Born in Montréal, raised in Lebanon.

Ben Gehrels (@beegare)

Junior Editors

Curtis Rines (@curtis_rines)

NHL team coverage

Anaheim Ducks: Lucas Main (@LAM1926)

Arizona Coyotes: Keith Duggan (@KDuggan92)

Boston Bruins: Luke Armstrong (@larmstrongnhl)

Buffalo Sabres: Kevin Wong (@CambieKev)

Calgary Flames: Garrett MacNeill

Carolina Hurricanes:Nathan Bondy (@nathan_bondy)

Chicago Blackhawks: Puneet Sharma

Colorado Avalanche: Hayden Soboleski (@soboleskih)

Columbus Blue Jackets: Caleb Kerney (@CalebDobber)

Dallas Stars: Aaron Itovitch (@itovitch)

Detroit Red Wings:Victor Nuno (@VictorNuno12)

Edmonton Oilers: Jameson Ewasiuk (@JamesonEwasiuk)

Florida Panthers: Ben Gehrels (@beegare)

Los Angeles Kings: Sean Crocker (@SeanyHockeyDP)

Minnesota Wild: Nathan Leblanc

Montreal Canadiens: Sebastian High (@high_sebastian)

Nashville Predators: Curtis Rines (@curtis_rines)

New Jersey Devils: Hadi Kalakeche (@HadiK_Scouting)

New York Islanders: 

New York Rangers: Brendan Ferry

Ottawa Senators: Grant Campbell (@gampbler15)

Philadelphia Flyers: Clare McManus (@ClareHMcManus)

Pittsburgh Penguins: 

San Jose Sharks: Donesh Mazloum (@DMaz16)

Seattle Kraken: Alex Wyatt (@KrakenWyatt)

St. Louis Blues: Gordon Munro (@ridethepine89)

Tampa Bay Lightning: Jakob Horn (@LightningProsp1)

Toronto Maple Leafs: Nick Richard (@_NickRichard)

Vancouver Canucks: Dave Hall (@hall1289)

Vegas Golden Knights: Taylor Davis (@TD_Dobber)

Washington Capitals: Pat Quinn (@FHPQuinn)

Winnipeg Jets: Justin Kaye (@HockeyJeeks)

DobberProspects Draft Team

Eetu Siltanen | Head of Scouting/Director of European Scouting (@siltaneneetu)

Nick Richard | Director of North American Scouting (@_NickRichard)

Hadi Kalakeche | QMJHL Regional Scout (@HadiK_Scouting)

Sebastian High | OHL Regional Scout (@high_sebastian)

Chris Horvat | WHL/BCHL/AJHL Regional Scout (@chrishorvat_)

Evan Pace | USA Regional Scout (@evanpace17)

Alexander Annun | North American Crossover Scout (@Annun_Scouting)

Alexa Potack | Swedish Regional Scout (@alexa_potack)

Jordan Harris | Russian Regional/European Crossover Scout (@Jordan_NHLDraft)

Sasha Lagarde | Central European Regional Scout (@sashalaGarde)

Colin Hunter | Goaltending Scout (@colinhunter0)

Dave Hall | Managing Editor/Crossover Scout (@hall1289)

Feature story writers

OHL Report: 

WHL Report: Sebastian High (@high_sebastian)

QMJHL Report: Pablo Cruz (@ShotInTheCrest)

AHL Report: Jacob Stoller (@JLStoller)

NCAA Report: Alexander Annun (@Annun_Scouting)

USHL Report: Rayan Trubecc (@rayan_tubecc)

KHL Report: 

SHL Report: Caleb Kerney (@CalebDobber)