DobberProspects has scouts around the world, focusing on a specific area of hockey. They have a keen eye on skill improvement, statistical trends and organizational depth charts. With dozens of leagues boasting top prospects, it's impossible for one person to keep an eye on everyone. But with focused scouting and analysis, most young guns can get the proper coverage.

Managing Editor

Peter Harling is the Managing Editor for Dobber Prospects and Co-Host of DobberProspects Radio. Peter has previously contributed to McKeens Hockey, Todays Slapshot, The Hockey Writers and was a co-owner of Fantasy Hockey Coach. Peter travels eastern Ontario scouting OHL and QMJHL from his home town of Kingston. Peter has been managing hockey pools since before the internet when you had to wait till the league stats were published in the Tuesday news paper and write them out by hand each week. @pharling

Associate Editors

Colorado Avalanchem- Hayden Soboleski Associate Editor: Hayden is a good ol' Kingston boy and uWaterloo NanoEngineering graduate with a passion for hockey, stats, and fantasy sports. He has been investigating and writing about hockey trends for several years; his work can be found in DobberHockey guides, at, and here on DobberProspects.  He has played hockey (ice, floor, fantasy, and video game) in Kingston, Waterloo, and now Vancouver since the age of 5 (and is currently a UFA). Hayden can be found (and talked to, argued with, or collaborated with) on twitter @soboleskih


Vancouver Canucks – Cam Robinson – Associate Editor: Cam Robinson is an Associate Editor and Senior Writer for DobberProspects and a Staff Writer for DobberHockey. Cam has been a reoccurring guest on TSN1040 and Sportsnet650 radio, while appearing on several podcasts including Keeping Karlsson, CanucksArmy, GameTimeDecision and more. His specialities are tracking draft-eligible prospects and those within the Canucks' organization. If you don’t find Cam in front of a screen streaming multiple games or at the rink eating a terrible hot dog and watching the greatest game on earth, he’ll be hanging out with his rambunctious two-year-old son and lovely wife. You can follow Cam on Twitter @CrazyJoeDavola3

Calgary Flames – Joel Henderson – Jr. Associate Editor: Joel is a full time musician from Regina, SK which gives him the wonderful ability to view CHL prospects live with an emphasis on the WHL while on the road. The passion that spilled over from the 2004 Flames Cup run, led to tracking Flames prospects, and then to tracking and researching prospects in general. He enjoys gathering large quantities of opinion and data before reaching informed personal decisions. He also has a BA in Youth Ministry and can be found doing landscaping in the lovely outdoors. You can follow him at @dathockeydoe

Washington Capitals – Pat Quinn – Jr. Associate Editor: Pat is awful at writing about himself, but can often be found watching hockey, complaining about hockey, or reading about hockey. He is in way too many fantasy hockey pools and averages around seven per season (record was 12), as he finds drafting players his favorite part of all fantasy hockey. Being a Devils fan in a Canadian city can be weird. Writes for the Capitals and has an interesting time trying to think of ramblings to write. Is on twitter tweeting about hockey and being hilarious at @FHPQuinn

The rest of our scouting team:

Anaheim Ducks: Lucas Main

Arizona Coyotes – Keith Duggan became a huge hockey fan when he got addicted to the video game classic NHL 94 in his early teens. Ever since then hockey has just been part of his life. If you randomly just showed up at his house, the TV is going to probably be on the NHL network and he is most likely reading The Hockey News. He is addicted to Fantasy hockey and limits the number of teams he has a year to four or five just so he can have some kind of life outside of it. His favorite part of the draft is the latter rounds were knowledge really comes through, and considers himself very good at getting those late round sleepers and steals. Keith's twitter handle is @KDuggan92.

Boston Bruins – Michael Drover

Buffalo Sabres – Max Marko

Carolina Hurricanes – Kevin LeBlanc

Chicago Blckhawks – Tony Carr

Columbus Bule Jackets – Kevin Wickersham – In addition to serving as Dobber Prospects' Writer/Scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets and providing their USHL coverage, Kevin pens the weekly Wild West column for Dobber Hockey, and is the Managing Editor for Goalie Post. He originally hails from the hockey hotbed of Santa Cruz, California where he was first introduced to hockey through the stories of his North Dakotan father and grandfather playing on the frozen lakes of ND and Manitoba in the 1930s and 40s. He once smoked cigars with Brendan Shanahan and Chris Osgood following a mid-90's Mighty Bosstones concert in Detroit. He has worked as a newspaper journalist, middle and high school principal, Alaskan fisherman, and professional musician, and now resides just north of NYC, though he is currently completing his PhD in Environmental Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Twitter: @KWcrosscheck

Dallas Stars – Matt Kowalsi

Detroit Red WIngs – Jameson Ewasiuk

Edmonton Oilers – Spencer Pomotoy

Florida Panthers – Joel Gluss

Los Angeles Kings – Jamie Barber – Jamie Barber grew up in the Saddledome watching his beloved Calgary Flames. He peaked in life as a 10 year old hanging out in the Flames’ dressing room, receiving slap shot advice from Al MacInnis and shooting on Mike Vernon after practice. He was often bullied by Joey Mullen’s son and once had Peter Klima throw his pen down the hall after asking for an autograph. Jamie is a rec hockey junkie and is well known for his ugly lid and visor combo (see photo). After successfully navigating the fantasy minor ranks, Jamie is ready to take his talent to the next level with Dobber Prospects, covering the Los Angeles Kings. You can check out his many hockey takes on twitter @jbarbs8


Minnesota Wild – Will Scouch

Montreal Canadiens – Mike Barrett

Nashville Predators –

New Jersey Devils – Grant Frey – Grant Frey has been a lifelong hockey lover and a diehard leaf fan who bleeds blue and white. As well as the NHL, Grant is a big fan of the CHL including his hometown Barrie Colts of the OHL. He is obsessed with sports stats, making sure to read every box score he can no matter what league it is. As well, Grant is a recent graduate of Nipissing University with an Honours BBA with a specialization in marketing. Get him talking sports and he won’t ever stop. You can follow him at @GrantFreyHK

New York Islanders – Mike Farkas

New York Rangers – Geoff Kent

Ottawa Senators – Brad Phillips – Like everyone else here, Brad is a huge hockey guy. Despite living in the Ottawa area for the majority of his life, he is a lifelong Buffalo Sabres fan which inevitably leads people to asking him 'Are you from Buffalo?' He firmly believes in 'No goal in '99.' In the time he's been with DobberProspects he has covered the Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues and currently the Ottawa Senators. In addition to covering the Senators he also writes the monthly SHL update for DobberProspects and 'The Journey' column over on DobberHockey. Once chased Phil Bourque across a parking lot to snag his autograph. Follow him on Twitter at @BradHPhillips.

Philadelphia Flyers – Edric Joseph

Pittsburgh Penguins – Mark Allan: Mark Allan is a semi-retired journalist with more than 30 years of experience as a publisher, editor and reporter that includes time as a sports editor and reporter. Based on Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific Coast, he is surprisingly a longtime fan of the New York Islanders. That helps him to be familiar with the division rival Pittsburgh Penguins, who he covers for DobberHockey.

San Jose Sharks – Zach Devine

St. Louis Blues – Doug Abrams

Tampa Bay Lightning – Byayden Olafson – Brayden is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. In addition to backstopping his mediocre hometown house league team throughout minor hockey, Brayden has 12 years officiating experience, and has spent time coaching a few minor hockey teams over the last several years. Brayden covers the Tampa Bay Lightning prospects, as well as gives an insight to AHL prospect development on a monthly basis. His three passions in life are any and all things hockey, hobby photography and travelling with his wife. For just as many questions as answers, track him down on Twitter @olaf1393


Toronto Maple Leafs – Brian Harling A retired Leaf fan with renewed hope. I have followed the Leafs with passion since my days in high school. I was actually around watching hockey when the Leafs last won the Stanley cup. Now this means I have seen a lot of Leafs teams, some were decent like the Gilmour years but I was also around for the terrible Ballard years. We did have Daryl Sittler and Lanny MacDonald in those days but not much else. I am pumped with the new Leafs with Mathews, Nylander, Marner, Brown, Rielly and Gardiner. I follow the Leafs prospects with a determined eye. I recall claiming Connor Brown was a great pick just after he was drafted in the 6th round. Most I mentioned to that this kid would make the NHL though I was way of base. now I have missed on a couple as well. I though Stuart Percy would be a solid blue-liner but alas he never developed after serious bouts of concussions. I take in a few live Marlie games and follow them on TV as well as never miss a Leaf game. For a few years I had a partial season tickets but it was just getting too expensive.  I hope to pass on what I learnt about leafs prospects to hopefully help people trying to monitor the Leafs potential players.

Vegas Golden Knights – Mason Black – Mason has an unhealthy obsession with participating in fantasy hockey leagues and is a die-hard Blackhawks fan. He is currently in the process of taking his Masters and seeing how analytics can be used in evaluating prospects where he enjoys focusing on finding the hidden gems of the fantasy hockey world. As a former goaltender, it gives him a unique perspective on the game.

Winnipeg Jets – Jamie Zadow

Additional Contributors

Aynsley Scott – DobberProspects Radio Co-host

Kathryn Jean – OHL

Brayden Sully – WHL

Niko Salminen – Liiga

Steve Kournianos – NHL Draft