Rasmus Dahlin: The Good, The Bad, The Buffalo

Tony Ferrari


Image courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


The NHL is ushering in a youth movement on the blueline with names like Cale Makar, Quinn Hughes, Miro Heiskanen, Adam Fox. Once thought to be the headliner of the group, Rasmus Dahlin has been mentioned less and less with them recently. Dahlin was touted as the next great defender in the game. Norris Trophy wins were basically expected. Unfortunately for both Dahlin and hockey fans everywhere, that hasn’t been the case quite yet. The young Swede has time, still just 20 years old, and his raw talent is still bursting at the seams. The problem is that this season has been about as successful as General William Hull’s attempted invasion of Canada during the War of 1812.



To figure out what happened, I went back and watched eight games from his draft year, rookie year, and this year. I dove into other tape as well such as reviewing all of his points in thos