Prospect Ramblings: Prospect Goalie Chances – Central

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday prospect ramblings. This week I will conclude my series of looking at NHL teams’ goalie prospects, if there is room for them in the near future, and how long I estimate they could take to be on the roster. I have already completed the West division, the East division, and the North division. Just remember with my “analysis”:

“Goalies can take a long time to get to the NHL and sometimes us Fantasy GMs forget that as they are the shiny new toy that we falsely proclaim “will be the starter if they give him a shot next season.” I always remind myself to look at goalie prospects differently. There are only so many NHL spots, and one year a goalie can be unstoppable and the next year he is on waivers because he is so bad. Goalies need to be looked in a way where you look at the team, see who is starting what their contract(s) are like, and how likely the prospect will get to actually start.” – Me (from the past three out of four weeks)


Also Kirill Kaprizov is not “The Thrill”! How bad are NHL writers to just re-use a nickname for a player already playing in the NHL? He is “Dolla Bill Kirill” and Phil “The Thrill” Kessel cannot be forgotten






Just like last week I start off with probably the most interesting team… is something I would have said pre-Mrazek injury (and this article being fourth), but thanks to the stellar play of Alex Nedeljkovic this season I do not have to. They have let “Ned” percolate in the AHL since 2016-2017 and it is paying off. The Canes have two solid 1A/1B goalies is Mrazek and Reimer, but Ned has forced his way on the