So You Traded Your First-Round Pick: Values To Be Had in Round Two Of The 2021 NHL Draft

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The NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone with six teams coming out on the other side with no first-round pick this year, five of which were traded and Arizona’s being forfeited. Trading a first-round pick to bolster your current roster is a practice that’s become commonplace for teams looking to contend. For teams like Toronto and Tampa Bay, a history of excellent drafting and finding gems outside the first round gives them confidence that they can restock the prospect pool with limited draft capital.


Finding that value outside of the first round is always key to contending teams staying in contention. Whether it be Pittsburgh finding Jake Guentzel in the third round in 2013 or Tampa Bay unearthing Brayden Point in the third round a year later, good players fall every year for a variety of reasons. It could be teams shying away from a diminutive player, an injury, or even just playing in an under-scouted league. This year, there is also the ‘OHL factor’ which will cause players to slip because they haven’t been playing in North America or at all. Even in a draft that is a bit underwhelming in terms of the top-end talent that we’ve been spoiled with in years past, there is value to be had in the 2021 NHL Draft.


Let’s take a look at some of the players who could be value picks in the second round. Each of these players is in the 20-35 range on my draft rankings at the moment but they are all candidates to fall to the second round for one of the reasons mentioned. It’s no guarantee that they will be there on day two but the likelihood that at least a few of them fall is fairly high. As with all draft analysis, no board is perfect and maybe none of these players work out but the potential of all of these players warrants the praise many of them have received in the public sphere and could wind up being key components that a contender adds to future rosters to help supplement their stars.


Scott Morrow | RD | Shattuck (USHS-Prep) | 6-2 | 198lbs

The Shattuck St. Mary’s defender has been a hot topic in this year’s draft conversation. The concern over the fact that he plays high school hockey is legitimate and could be the likely reason that Morrow falls to day two of the draft. What makes Morrow such an intriguing talent in this draft class is the fact that his raw tools are as good or