Fantasy TradeCentre: Prospects to Target and Hidden Gems from the Past Three Drafts

Michael Kosciesza


Photo courtesy of Kamloops This Week


This year’s draft has had a narrative of being a weaker one. This is partially due to the actual talent available, partially due to the whole global pandemic that has made it difficult (but not impossible) for scouts to evaluate talent and partially because the past three years have seen some deep draft classes. Do you know what every winning fantasy GM loves about deep drafts? There is always plenty of talent available later in the draft. I’m sure by now from reading DobberProspects you’ve heard of Byron Bader and his star potential algorithm but it is the greatest way to find those players that produce and develop at a star rate but for some reason don’t get the media love that endears them to other GMs. Here are some of those players that don’t get the love they deserve.




Anton Lundell (51% Star probability and 66% NHLer probability)


I don’t think Lundell is exactly a secret anymore after his strong play captaining Finland at the 2020 World Juniors. Florida already has a world-class Selke candidate centre in Sasha Barkov but Lundell will be bringing a slightly lesser version and that is a higher co