Too soon, Calder sleepers and too late: Fantasy Prospect edition

Michael Kosciesza


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When it comes to the fantasy offseason we are all breaking our prospects into tiers. Who is too soon, who is too late  and who is just right (Calder dark horses). I am not one to write off a prospect or any player too early, look at Ryan Strome, Brad Marchand or Jeff Petry who all looked like they were average producers or busts and then here they are later in their careers thriving. The average prospect won’t break out and become a legit NHLer until their age 21/22 season. Look at Jason Robertson, I held on to him since he was an 18 year old because I always “had a feeling” and ended up trading him before his breakout season this year because I got tired of waiting. That is why I am here, on the wrong side of trading a Calder nominee, to help you not make the same mistake and maybe be the person on the other end sniffing out the next Robertson or to trim the fat and cut ties with the Michael Dal Colle types who have been on your rosters backburner a little too long and now they are over cooked or “too hot”. 



Too soon – These prospects are ones worth drafting but maybe not yet if you can’t afford time on a project


Ryan Suzuki (2001 born, Drafted 28th overall in 2020)

It might be tempting to draft Ryan on the basis that his older brother Nick is looking like a steal but the fact of the matter is Carolina is a much deeper team. Seth Jarvis is likely to be getting a shot ahead of Suzuki and heck maybe even Dominik Bokk. He got a shot pla