Draft Diaries: Logan Stankoven (February 2021)

Jeff Rea


Feature image courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


Draft Diaries: Logan Stankoven is going to be an ongoing series in which writer Jeff Rea and Kamloops Blazers forward Logan Stankoven will be collaborating to document Logan’s season. Logan will be providing commentary and quotes, telling the story from his perspective while Jeff helps weave the story together and provide the context.

We kicked the series off in September with a look back at the year that was for Logan in the WHL with the Blazers. In October,  Jeff and Logan talk about his off-season training in one of the weirdest years any of us have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, Logan takes us into his mindset and what the WHL return announcement meant for him. How close was he to heading to the USHL? What has he done to keep his mind right? Find out all that and more in this month’s Draft Diaries.


A Positive Mindset

I feel like I’ve definitely taken advantage of the longer offseason.


It’s been pretty disappointing and frustrating for us, to not be playing. But it’s something that’s out of our control. I’ve tried to look at this prolonged offseason as a time to really improve and develop my skills, instead of just sitting around and waiting. 


Ever since our season was canceled last March, I’ve used the time to sit down with myself and find things in my game that could use some work. I’ve been doing my very best to stay sharp both in the gym and on the ice. During the week, I’ve kept busy by being on the ice five times and I’ve been in the gym almost every day, as well. My speed and lower body strength have been my main focus. I can say that I’ve made lots of progress i