World Juniors: Hot Takes

Tony Ferrari



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Throughout this week, the DobberProspects’ team is going to be bringing you a full World Junior Championship preview! From team breakdowns to hot takes and picks and predictions to cap off the week on opening day and Christmas! Be sure to check back all week for more World Juniors preview and coverage! 

Monday, December 21: Team Breakdowns: Group A/Group B
Tuesday: World Juniors Players to Watch
Wednesday: World Juniors Sleepers
Thursday: World Juniors Hot Takes
Friday: World Juniors Picks and Predictions

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Who doesn’t like a good hot take? Let’s dive into some of the DobberProspects’ writing and scouting staff’s hot takes for the World Junior Championships! From defeats to victories, big goal scorers to disappointing performances, we have a bit of everything!

Canada Misses the Podium

Head of Scouting Tony Ferrari 


Before you revoke my citizenship and take away my passport, hear me out. We have seen this movie before. Many times. Canada comes into the World Juniors with an ELITE offense. A good but not great defensive group that often has one or two big anchors. On the back end, they have a goaltending situation that is questionable if we are putting it kindly. Pair that with the fact that Canada is in the weaker group of the two with only Finland from the “Big Five” in the group with them. To add to that, Finland has a good but not great roster in most aspects and they may not have the firepower that they’ve won with in the past outside of Anton Lundell and Roby Järventie. All in all, Canada looks