November 31-in-31: Buffalo Sabres

Kevin Wong


Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Sabres

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The 2020 NHL off-season has been shocking but potentially transformative for the floundering Buffalo Sabres. The organization’s actions have been bold, and although the end result has yet to be determined, the personnel changes have been enough to provide at least some sense of short-term optimism for the team’s supporters.


The Sabres finished 25th out of 31 teams in 2019-20 and lost six of their last seven games just before the termination of the regular season in March. They were abysmal across numerous stretches of the season. Substantial changes were necessary, especially with regards to the improvement of the team’s prospect pool and on-ice product.


Since March 2020, the Sabres have replaced their general manager, purged their front office, acquired one of this year’s top free agents only two years removed from his Hart Trophy season, traded for a former marquee player in Eric Staal, and drafted a 50-goal Ontario Hockey League sniper. This franchise has endured a decade of monumental challenges, including nine years without a playoff berth. Throughout that time, they have experimented with numerous different player lineups, the latest of which seems promising in theory but also requires a cautious sensibility based on past precedent. The organization has been stuck in a state of mediocrity. Fans have hoped desperately for the team’s fortunes to shift.


The changes began with the team’s decision to end its relationship with general manager Jason Botterill on June 16. The Sabres’ Vice President of Business Administration Kevyn Adams was simultaneously appointed to be his replacement.