Prospect Ramblings: My Debut

Dave Hall


Thanks for joining me for Tuesdays’ ramblings. 

Before I get started, I suppose I should take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Dave Hall, and if you are not familiar with my work, I cover the Columbus Blue Jackets, and more recently, the Florida Panthers here at Dobber Prospects. I also pen a weekly column with Dobber Hockey called “The Journey”, where I cover all things prospects and do my best to point you towards the future stars among the fantasy world. 

I am a lifelong Vancouver Canucks fan, I have two young boys and I thoroughly enjoy following hockey prospects. Of course, I also enjoy long walks on the beach, but I digress.

Follow me on Twitter @hall1289, as I am always open to talk shop. I look forward to rambling for you!


First things first, if you have not been keeping tabs, be sure to follow our off-season 31-in-31 series that began November. 1st. You know what they say, November is the new July, and we have all of your favorite team’s off-season transactions, draft recaps, and eventually, development/training camp updates for you. 

Be sure to grab Dobber’s 2020-21 Fantasy Guide while you’re at it. It’s officially in the Dobber Shop and loaded with content. Read it, enjoy it, and beat your friends in fantasy.


To ease my way into these Ramblings, I am going to keep it light this evening and offer a few updates from around the prospect world. Not to worry, I will dive into some juicier topics over the next few weeks. With that in mind, if you are ever itching for some extra information, do not hesitate to throw questions my way.