Prospect Ramblings: I’m Thankful For…

Tony Ferrari


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We have had a rough year. I don’t think that’s an unusual statement. There are so many things that happened this year that have made 2020 a year to forget and so many others that have made this such an impactful year that will weigh on our minds and hearts as we move forward. We have all been through difficulties and hardships, we have all been dealing with the most unique time in the history of the world.


With today being Thanksgiving in Canada, I wanted to go over a few things that we should all be thankful for in the hockey world. Some are on the ice, some are off the ice but all of them are moments or things that have moved the game forward and helped the game of hockey itself. These are the things that I felt stood out but I am sure there will be so many more that I didn’t name so I encourage you to tweet at me (@TheTonyFerrari) or DobberProspects and tell us what you’re thankful for.


Quinton Byfield Makes History!


When Quinton Byfield was selected second overall in the 2020 NHL Draft, he was the highest-drafted Black player in NHL history! The Los Angeles Kings didn’t overthink the pick and took the second-best player in the draft with the second pick. Many thought that wouldn’t be the case. Byfield is an elite-level playmaker who controls the game with the puck on his stick. His high-end talent forces his opponents to focus in on him and his vision and IQ allow him to find the open man all over the ice. His raw potential is seemingly limitless with the very real possibility existing where he winds up being the best player in the draft class.


I think that it shows that having guys like Evander Kane and Seth Jones and P.K. Subban getting drafted and being impact players helped me growing up. It gave me the example that I could do it some day. Maybe I could see myself as a player. Now it is my time and my turn to take that role. It would be special to know that with this new generation that you could make an impact. – Quinton Byfield


While being the highest-drafted Black player in NHL history would be a massive deal in most years, having it happen in 2020 when we have dealt with so much racial injustice seems fitting. The hockey world has its issues and as we saw in the playoffs, the level of commitment on a league level may not always be as prominent as it should be. Byfie