DPR Episode 91: Erie Otters Scout Kiana Scott

Peter Harling


Erie Otters recently hired Kiana Scott as a member of their scouting staff, and she joins Peter to talk about her trail blazing journey to become the first female scout in the OHL.

Kiana talks about some of the challenges along the way, obstacles she has overcome, mentors she has had along the way and how she was discovered by the Erie Otters and recruited by them.

Kiana gives some tips on scouting, what to look for in hockey sense, skating, puck skills and how even watching warm-up can be telling towards a players character.

If you are chasing the dream of being a hockey scout, or becoming involved in hockey in any capacity, this is a episode you want to listen to.

Follow Kiana on Twitter at: @Scott6Kiana

Thanks to Kiana for sharing her story and her time, and thank you to the Erie Otters organization.

Enjoy the show