Prospect Ramblings: Fantasy Hockey Player A vs. B

Tony Ferrari


MOSCOW, RUSSIA SEPTEMBER 27, 2018: CSKA Moscow’s Kirill Kaprizov (L) and Spartak Moscow’s Robin Hanzl in action in their 2018/19 KHL Regular Season ice hockey match at CSKA Arena. Mikhail Japaridze/TASS (Photo by Mikhail JaparidzeTASS )


Welcome to this week’s ramblings! We are taking another crack at some Player A vs. Player B debates but we are looking at it from a fantasy hockey perspective. Generally, it will be from a points-only point of view unless otherwise stated. I’ll be expanding on a few of the answers to the question I recently tweeted out. I asked the Twitterverse to give me two players from the 2020 NHL Draft class and I would choose between them and give reasons as to why I would choose that player if the draft were today. Without further ado, let’s get at it! 





This one is easier than you might initially think. Quinton Byfield had one assist at the World Junior Championships this year. Kristian Tanus, on the other hand, had two goals and seven assists for nine points. Since the World Juniors is the end all and be all of scouting, Tanus is CLEARLY the better prospect. (Note: This is obviously a joke but I do LOVE Tanus and want someone to draft him this year.)



This is a good one, especially for one-year leagues. In a dynasty league, this is Alexis Lafrenière and it’s not a question. In a one year league, it becomes a bit more debate because you have to ask yourself, who is going to perform better this year. With Kaprizov presumably coming over for next season, many have pegged him for ~65 points in a full 82-game season as a rookie. So basing off of this, we have to expect Lafrenière to outproduce that if we value him higher in a one-year league. 


To get a gauge on how much Lafrenière could produce in year one, let’s take a look at some of the notable rookie scorers from the past few seasons. 


Elias Pettersson 2018-19 – 66 points

Matthew Barzal 2017-18 – 85 points

Auston Matthews 2016-17 – 69 points

Jack Eichel 2015-16 – 56 points

Connor McDavid 2015-16 – 48 points (45 games)


With Barzal’s season being an outlier (he hasn’t surpassed 62 points since) and McDavid’s insane scoring rate being that of a generational scorer. Lafrenière has often been talked about as a prospect in the ‘Matthews/Eichel/Pettersson’ tier. He should be able to put up similar numbers in his rookie season so expecting somewhere around 55-65 points. This is what makes Lafrenière vs. Kaprizov so debatable.


If I’m drafting in a one