DPR Episode 39 – Post NHL Draft Lottery Mock Draft

Peter Harling


In this episode, Peter Harling and Aynsley Scott are joined by Cam Robinson to run through a first round mock draft now that the NHL Draft Lottery has come and gone. The order of the first 15 picks were announced and were announced and after the first round of the playoffs we feel confident in projecting picks through to the 23rd pick and take our best guess at projecting the final picks. We think that dfending Stanley Cup Champions are the Champs until they are not and give the Penguins the benefit of the doubt.

Draft Order

1 Buffalo Sabres

2 Carolina Hurricanes

3 Montreal Canadiens

4 Ottawa Senators

5 Arizona Coyotes 

6 Detroit Red Wings

7 Vancouver Canucks

8 Chicago Blackhawks

9 New York Rangers

10 Edmonton Oilers

11 New York Islanders

12 New York Islanders (Via Calgary Flames)

13 Dallas Stars

14 Philadelphia Flyers (Via St. Louis Blues)

15 Florida Panthers

16 Colorado Avalanche

17 New Jersey Devils

18 Columbus Blue Jackets

19 Philadelphia Flyers 

20 Los Angeles Kings

21 Anaheim Ducks

22 Minnesota Wild

23 Toronto Maple Leafs

24 San Jose Sharks

25 Washington Capitals

26 Tampa Bay Lightning

27 Winnipeg Jets

28 Detroit Red Wings (Via Vegas Golden Knights)

29 New York Rangers (via Boston Bruins)

30 Nashville Predators

31 Ottawa Senators (via Pittsburgh Penguins)

To see who we pick where you need to listen to the episode.

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Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!


Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Matthew Knies 8.5 9.5
Fraser Minten 8.0 8.5
Roni Hirvonen 7.5 7.5
Alex Beaucage 7.0 7.0
Ryan Suzuki 8.5 7.0
Vasili Ponomaryov 6.5 7.5
Domenick Fensore 5.5 4.5
Ivan Morozov 6.5 4.5
Layton Ahac 6.5 6.0
Carter Mazur 6.5 8.0


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