DPR – Episode 21: Swedish Draft and SHL Prospects with Jimmy Hamrin

Paul Zwambag


Special Episode:

In this bonus episode we go to Sweden to get some first hand scouting reports and accounts from McKeens writer Jimmy Hamrin.

Jimmy gives us his opinion on top Swedish NHL Draft prospects such as Timothy Liljegren, Elias PetterssonLias Andersson, and Erik Brannstrom. He talks about how close they are to the NHL and what kind of impact they may have in the NHL and on your fantasy roster.

There has been a lot of Swedish players and prospects, both drafted and free agents that have recently signed NHL contracts. Who are they? Will they play in the NHL next year? What will their impact be?

Jimmy answers these questions and more on the prospects you need to know, such as;

Philip Holm (D) Vancouver Canucks

Jonathan Dahlen (F) Vancouver Canucks

Filip Sandberg (F) San Jose Sharks

Kevin Stenlund (F) Columbus Blue Jackets

Marcus Hogberg (G) Ottawa Senators

John Nyberg (D) Dallas

Andreas Borgman (D) Toronto Maple Leafs

Calle Rosen (D) Toronto Maple Leafs

Carl Grundstrom (F) Toronto Maple Leafs

Oscar Fantenberg (D) LA Kings

Oskar Lindblom (F) Philadelphia Flyers

Jimmy gave the show some excellent insights to top prospects playing in Sweden be sure t