All-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft

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Welcome to the ALL-Vibes 2021 NHL Mock Draft presented by Feeling Good and #Analysis  The NHL is a league where teams draft a player based on being "6'5" every time he steps onto the ice". Despite being the most reserved league of the major sports in North America, they may draft off of vibes more [...]

Nevalainen: 2020 Mock Draft

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  Now that we got some clarity on the draft order, it’s time to do a mock draft. The goal of this mock draft is to be as realistic as possible, so you won’t see any wild swings here. But instead, you’ll see a mock draft with 93 selections instead of just the usual 10 [...]

DPR Episode 87: Seattle Expansion Draft with Alex MacLean

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Dobber Hockey Capped writer Alex Maclean joins Peter for a record length episode. On this epic show Alex and Peter go over who they would protect from expansion draft for each 30 teams. We used the CapFriendly Seattle Expansion Draft Simulator for this exercise. Then they each take turns picking from each others lists, one player [...]

Rossy’s NHL Draft Q & A and Prospect Ramblings

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Monday, June 23rd

Austin Wallace here:

Today is Draft Day! It is basically another holiday here at DobberProspects, and we can't wait to keep you updated on what gifts await us today!


The Dobber Sports mock draft is finished, all four pages and 8000+ words of it! Give it a read and a comment, a lot of our dedicated scouts writers slaved over each and every pick.


Join Dobber, Brendan and I for a live chat tomorrow, as the draft unfolds.





Buy Dobber's eighth annual Prospects Report here. Includes Mock Draft and nearly 500 prospect profiles. Yep, 500. About 200 more than you'll ever consider for your league - but part of the information is telling you which guys 'not' to go after, right?



We have gone from counting down months to weeks to days and now we are counting down the hours until the 2014 NHL Entry Draft – 105 hours or less.

In this edition of the ramblings, I address questions posted from the DobberHockey Prospect Forum and want to personally thank each and every person who submitted a question. Look for this to become a regular element of my posted ramblings.

Here we go!


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