Prospect Ramblings: Easter Monday Mock Draft

Tony Ferrari


Alexis Lafrenière (right) and Quinton Byfield are the projected top-two picks in the 2020 NHL Draft (Photo courtesy of the Canadian Hockey League)


Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Monday to those who do not! Who doesn’t love a mock draft? The order was determined through and the big winners on the day were Ottawa and Minnesota! With Ottawa snagging the top-2 picks and Minnesota grabbing the third, where many expect the draft to really start, this should be a fun exercise! 


Remember, these ARE NOT a ranking and although I will take my personal rankings and evaluations into consideration, along with many others such as Dobber Prospects managing editor Cam Robinson and TSN Draft Analyst Craig Button, these will be based on how I think each team is thinking heading into the draft. There are bound to be some surprises and picks that even I don’t agree with but this should be a fun exercise predicting the top-15 picks and how it could go down on draft day, whenever that is. 


Full Tankathon Results for the Easter Monday Mock Draft