PNHLe: Early Evaluations

Mason Black


It has been far too long since I have had the opportunity to sit down and record some thoughts on some interesting prospects that are making noise early on this season. I hope this is a regular event, but sometimes life comes at you fast. 


I have outlined some of the top prospects from a variety of leagues around the world using the PNHLe stat, which attempts to predict a prospect’s point potential during their prime years if they make it to the NHL. As with anything else data-related, context matters! It is important to look at the entire picture (linemates, deployment, time-on-ice, peripheral stats, etc.) when determining if a player is going to be a good fit on your fantasy team’s roster. Be sure to click on the player links to get more insight from the fantastic group of writers here at DobberProspects, who work tirelessly to give you the goods.


When using PNHLe to evaluate a prospect’s point potential, it is important to note that sample size is very important. It is extremely unlikely that most of these players will be able to maintain their current pace: the statistic usually levels out after 20 games. However, I have noticed that the best players at least maintain their current pace, if not increase their PNHLe, over the course of a long season. On the flip-side, we do not have the luxury of seeing how the rest of the season turns out, and if you have space on a deep fantasy roster, the following players are showing enough promise that they could be worth a pick-up in deep dynasty leagues.


Here are some players that should be on your fantasy radars if they aren’t already:


Ivan Fedotov, G (KHL) –  Philadelphia Flyers

Despite the fact there is no stat that predicts goaltending prospects’ fantasy potential, I figured I would start this article off by writing about a netminder you should be keeping tabs on – primarily because I went all-in on obtaining him in all of my dynasty leagues.

Ivan Fedotov is making a smooth transition on his new Red Army (CSKA) squad – it only took him two games to take over the starting job.

He moves surprisingly well for a goalie of his 6’8” stature (yes, you read that correctly – 6’8″!). Somehow, he makes himself look even larger between the pipes in the KHL, where his numbers have been nothing short of spectacular. Although there are rumours that Fedotov is content with staying in Russia, he has one year left on his contract and the Flyers will likely do everything in their power to convince him to cross the pond at the end of the season.

There is stiff competition in Philadelphia’s goalie pipeline – not a problem the Flyers are used to – but if Fedotov can reach his potential he may become a mainstay as early as next year. 


Dmitri Rashevsky, RW (KHL) – Winnipeg Jets

PNHLe: 70

The Jets took a risk-taking a player that was passed over through two straight drafts, but all signs are pointing to Rashevsky being an absolute steal as a fifth-round pick. His offensive resume as he progressed his way through the typical Russian development leagues was very impressive. 

Now in the top league (KHL), he finds himself on a line with one of the league’s all-time leaders, Vadim Shipachyov, and is playing with a chip on his shoulder. Currently, he has posted 23 points in only 24 games played — including an impressive 14 goals — and is near the top KHL points leaders.


Albert Johansson, LD (SHL) – Detroit Red Wings

PNHLe: 48