What if there was a Under 23 World Cup of Hockey?

Michael Kosciesza


Photo courtesy of Mayors Manor

We are in the midst of the Under 18 World Championships, which incorporates the best players in the world not owned by NHL clubs. Well not everyone but mostly everyone, Owen Power, Matt Beniers, Kent Johnson and William Eklund should have their name called early in the NHL draft this year but are too old for the tournament. This is the premier scouting event of the year if you don’t include the World Junior tournament. 

I love best on best tournaments and the idea of players representing their country. I have not missed a World Junior tournament and have all my fingers and toes crossed for a healthy and safe Olympics in 2022. I volunteered at and was a big fan of the World Cup of Hockey held in Toronto in 2016 and would love to see that event make a return. The concept was elite with all the top tier teams fielding squads as well as a Team North America for under 23 players and a World to give the Roman Josi’s, Zdeno Chara’s and Freddy Andersen a fighting chance on a melting pot team of the countries with shallower talent pools. 

What if we did the same tournament but with prospects? 

Yes, I know it won’t happen because we already, in non COVID times, have multiple scouting tournaments and it would take away from the World Juniors but hear me out. The same concept as the World Cup except the Team North America team would be made up of players who have not been drafted and are in their draft year. 

Let’s see how the tournament rosters might shape up if the tournament was held today. 

First off, my eligibility will be only players that would currently be considered a prospect aka less than 50 NHL games total or 25 in a campaign (aka Jason Robertson will not be featured, sorry USA). I’ll also say they have to be under 23.




Team Canada



  1. Quinton Byfield
  2. Morgan Frost
  3. Barret Hayton
  4. Cole Perfetti
  5. Connor McMichael
  6. Dylan Cozens
  7. Alex Newhook
  8. Peyton Krebs
  9. Joe Valeno
  10. Philip Tomasino
  11. Adam Beckman
  12. Seth Jarvis</