PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 5 to 1

Mason Black




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This is the fifth part of a series where I will be ranking NHL organizations based on a new PNHLe model that I have spent the better part of the summer updating. 


If you are unfamiliar with PNHLe, or would like a more in-depth explanation on why these rankings are different compared to traditional real-world prospect grades, or those explicitly for fantasy purposes, I highly recommend you read through the introduction to the first article, which gives a better description. While you are at it, why not grab a cup of coffee and work your way through all teams that have been ranked so far, which you can find here:


PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 10-6

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 15 – 11

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 20 – 16

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 25 – 21

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 31 – 26 


PNHLe is a model that is used to predict a prospect’s NHL point potential in the prime of their career, and something I have re-evaluated, recalculated and re-examined with the sole purpose of making the formula more precise.


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