31-in-31: Calgary Flames

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July 31-in-31: Calgary Flames

Draft picks! The Flames have a pick in the first round! This territory is unusual for the club. Last season saw zero picks until the fourth round and the season before that, only one pick in the top three rounds. The phones were rumored to be quite busy with the intent to acquire a few more picks but there seemingly was no trade down situation where Calgary ended up being comfortable. In the 2017 edition of Flames 31-in-31, I spoke of the four categories I’d seen the Flames target as for style of selections. They were…


  1. Small, skilled, high-potential forwards
  2. Players who fell since midterm rankings
  3. Close-to-home projects
  4. Big projects. 


The last number of years, the trend of bigger projects and close-to-home projects were simply not working out. I’m not sure if Calgary fell in love with players they saw more viewings of but it was not a good fit. If they could try to snap up some potential players who fell or were being looked over due to size, it could work wonders. You could argue that Milos Roman, Dmitri Zavgorodniy and Emil