Organizational Rankings 15. St. Louis Blues

Aaron Itovitch


15. St. Louis Blues – 73.1

Top 15 Prospects.

1 Jimmy Snuggerud 8.1
2 Dalibor Dvorsky 7.8
3 Joel Hofer 6.9
4 Zachary Bolduc 6.6
5 Otto Stenberg 5.6
6 Theo Lindstein 5.5
7 Scott Perunovich 5.4
8 Zach Dean 5.2
9 Michael Buchinger 4.4
10 Nikita Alexandrov 4.3
11 Juraj Pekarcik 3.8
12 Vadim Zherenko 3.4
13 Tyler Tucker 3.3
14 Quinton Burns 1.7
15 Aleksanteri Kaskimaki 1.4

Individual Breakdown:

As we crack into the top-half of the teams in the NHL (in terms of prospects), the St. Louis Blues have a very intriguing pool. Highlighted at the top by a duo of forwards Jimmy Snuggerud, the team’s 23rd overall pick in 2022, and Dalibor Dvorsky, the team’s 10th overall pick in 2023, the future looks bright in St. Louis.

Snuggerud earned a high grade of 8.5 from Mark, but was ranked no lower than 8 by any scout. A phenomenal world juniors was the highlight of his season, with a decline in his NCAA production. Dvorsky, out of nowhere at the beginning of his D+1 season opted to go play in the OHL with the Sudbury Wolves. His 88 points in 52 games were great, but his overall defensive impact was equally impressive.

Other high-ranking prospects include goaltender Joel Hofer and forward Zachary Bolduc. The Blues’ two other first round picks in 2023, Otto Stenberg and Theo Lindstein, as well as Scott Perunovich and Zach Dean were all ranked above a five.

Team Overview:

The Blues are somewhat in no-mans land right now. They finished 16th in the NHL, which logically should have led to a playoff spot, but due to the conference breakdown they missed. They have a middle of the pack prospect pool, with good young players, but a lack of overall direction. The 2024 draft will be an interesting event for them as they add another piece of the future. With rumours emerging suggesting Jordan Kyrou’s future is uncertain, there may be even more significant young assets on the way.


Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Fabian Lysell 8.5 9.0
Jakub Lauko 6.0 6.0
Matthew Poitras 7.5 7.5
Alexander Nikishin 9.0 9.3
Alexander Rykov 7.0 7.5
Justin Robidas 5.5 4.5
Zion Nybeck 8.0 3.0
David Kase 4.0 6.0
Jacob Julien 6.5 6.0
Anton Johannesson 3.0 3.0