November 31-in31: Washington Capitals

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      The 31-in-31 Offseason Series is an annual event here at DobberProspects! Every day in November we will be bringing you a complete breakdown of a team’s draft and insights into their off-season movements thus far. Following this up, the December 31-in-31 Series will dive into every team’s prospect depth charts with fantasy [...]

31 in 31 Series: Washington Capitals 2018 Draft Review and Development Camp Updates

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  Before we get into this...   Caps fans, the team, and Ovechkin deserved a cup. If you do not think so go jump in a lake     Draft Overview   The Capitals came in to the draft high off a Stanley cup win and with [...]

KHL Update October 2017

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  Finally the KHL write has come back to DobberProspects.   There have already been 23 games (for most clubs) played in the KHL as opposed to around six in the NHL to date. It is the usual suspects who will be mainly featured in this update as they are the ones racking up the [...]

August 31-in-31: Washington Capitals

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  What an ....... off season for the Capitals. First it was another disappointing exit at the hands of the Penguins (sorry for mentioning), then resigning the 2015-2016 astronomically high percentag