Prospects Ramblings: Brogan Rafferty, Scouting Notes, Zayde Wisdom and Midseason Guide

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Brogan Rafferty In last weeks ramblings I mentioned I was going to see Utica play in Belleville with a close eye on Vancouver Canucks prospect Brogan Rafferty.  Brogan Rafferty was as advertised, very impressive.  He is the Comets top defenseman on a team with deployment in offensive zone faceoffs, short handed and of course the [...]

Prospects Rambling

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Training camps are in full swing, pre-season games have happened and that means I actually have some news to ramble about, so let’s ramble…More Sens news, Ottawa signed Parker Kelly to a ELC contract today. Kelly was undrafted in his first year of eligibility in 2017 and was ranked 166th by HockeyProspect and 192 in [...]