Prospects Rambling: Preparing For Your Prospect Draft

Peter Harling


Peter Harling

With two of my leagues prospect/entry draft currently in progress and one all wrapped up, a lot of my focus lately has been towards preparing for these drafts.

While it may be detrimental to my fantasy teams to share my thoughts, strategies and research here, if my leagues are drafting yours probably will be too or could be soon so I am here to help.

Today’s prospects ramblings is dedicated to helping you dominate your prospect draft.

Know your league

The first and most important factor to consider to dominate your league is to know your league.

What are the rules?

How does the scoring work?

How deep is the player pool?

These are some of the more basic but underlying important factors that will influence all your decisions.

My leagues are all pretty deep and basically designed to simulate what running a NHL team would be like. The league sizes are around 24 teams, with full roster size and a full prospect bench for a total around 50 players per team. The leagues are all full keeper leagues and use a salary cap of the AAV for each player.

It is important to know if you have specific positional requirements beyond forward and defense. Do you need X number of LW and RW for example. With the salary cap, can you drop a player if they fail to live up to the contract, or are you bound to it like a real NHL team would be and need to use a buyout to purge that player? Does multi positional eligibility have an impact, how often do you set the rosters and how many roster moves can you make? These are just some of the details that you really need to grasp if you want to be competitive.

Know your team

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the league, it’s time to take an honest look in the mirro