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Pat Quinn


Welcome to the Friday Ramblings. This week I am going to highlight a couple rookies/prospects who are increasing ownership on Fantrax. If you have someone on your watch list was the +/- feature to see if they are getting scooped up or dropped. It is no fun getting scooped!

Rafael Harvey-Pinard (MTL) – owned 20% –> increase 7.6%

20% owned is already a little high for someone on the fourth line and no powerplay time, but he is averaging around 14:03 of EV ice time which is helping his production. Of course, his 35.7% shooting is for too high so grab him while he is on a bit of a hot streak. Long-term he is likely just a bottom six player on a team with a lot of contracts and similar players. Good option to flip to your Montreal homer league GM though

Juuso Parssinen (NSH) – owned 31% –> increase 4.9%

His line up placement is mind-numbingly inconsistent, playing from L1 to L4, going from 1PP then 2PP then completely off and then back to 2PP. The only thing consistent is that he does not kill penalties. 21 points in 35 games is a great long-term investment though, so if you can keep him scoop him up

Nicklaus Perbix (TB) – owned 19% –> increase 4.8%

Injuries are keeping him from getting a consistent foothold in the lineup but the Lightning like him enough that, when healthy, he is on the third pair and usually getting over 13 minutes of ice time. He is also the first added to the PP when Hedman or Sergachev are out. He is a good investment for long-term gain but in the short term he is chipping points in on occasion

Matthew Knies (TOR) – owned 25% –> increase 3.8%

25% ownership should be attributed to the hype surrounding him, and the potential to immediately be placed on L2 in Toronto once his NCAA season is over. Get him if you can to swap out to a Leafs fan. There is a risk to him though as he may just become a very solid third line player. The defense play is there along with his ability to forecheck and protect the puck, but the NCAA production is not where you would want it which may limit his offense upside

Logan Stankoven (DAL) – owned 27% –> increase 3.5%

I am actually surprised the ownership is not a lot higher, are there rally keeper leagues where he is not owned? I, as a skeptic of the NHL production predictions people are putting on him, would still think his ownership should be higher

Jordan Dumais (CBJ) – owned 13% –> increase 3%

He is a long-term project but his ownership should be higher due to the potential he possesses

Lane Hutson (MTL) – owned 22% –> increase 3.1%

The 22% ownership on a defenseman that is a few years out from possibly making the NHL is due to the online hype and Canadiens fans. I always want to throw water on the situation as NHL GMs/coaches usually keep players like this restricted in the line up to just a PP specialist unless they can break out of those restrictions. If he is available though the boom potential is very large

Jagger Firkus (SEA) – owned 17% –> increase 2.9%

More people are picking up on Firkus, so make sure you do not miss out

Pavel Dorofeyev (VGK) – owned 11% –> increase 2.9%

I do not know what is behind this increase, especially with him having a down season two in Henderson, but if you are holding him on your watchlist it may be time to pick him up

David Goyette (SEA) – owned 10% –> increase 2.2%

Increased production and responsibility in year two on the Sudbury Wolves of the OHL. Fantasy GMs may be realizing that Goyette (one of my favorite prospects for the 2022 draft) has very good potential, so scoop him up if possible

Thank is all. Thanks for reading

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Pat Quinn


Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Timur Mukhanov 8.0 7.0
Alexander Pashin 7.0 2.5
Felix Unger Sörum 7.5 8.5
Charles-Alexis Legault 4 6.5
Alexander Pelevin 3 2
Tyler Tucker 5.0 6.0
Matt Kessel 4.0 7.5
Aatu Räty 8.0 7.0
Jackson Blake 6.0 6.0
Ryan Ufko 7.0 6.0