August 32-in-32: Boston Bruins

Dave Hall


The 32-in-32 Series is an annual event here at DobberProspects! Every day in August we will be bringing you a complete breakdown of a team’s Draft, and insights into their off-season movements thus far. Following this up in September, we will dive into every team’s prospect depth charts with fantasy insights and implications for the
upcoming seasons. Check back often, because we plan on filling your hockey withdrawal needs all off-season long!

The Bruins find themselves in an awkward stage, caught in the midst of a budding division. With teams such as the Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings bolstering their line-ups this summer, while the Maple Leafs, Panthers, and Lightning continue to boast strong foundations, the Atlantic Division is not getting any easier. And with a 107-point season and a first-round playoff exit in the shadows, Boston is now faced with the million-dollar decision: to blow it up or gun for one last shot at the title. To throw complication to that decision, a large chunk of their core is confirmed to be out of the lineup for a significant amount of time to start the 2022-23 campaign. Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy are both scheduled to be out until December with their respective ailments, while Matt Grzelcyck should be sidelined until at least November. Not great.

Contractually, however, the Bruins are in good standing order, with only one core player, albeit a large part,  at risk of walking this summer. That, of course, being long-time captain, Patrice Bergeron, who has suggested the possibility of retirement. Aside from that, the Bruins had only a few minor dealings to cover over the off-season, which we will cover later.

Furthermore, with so many question marks on this aging roster, the organization is at a crossroads and must decide what to do with 26-year-old, David Pastrnak. With only one year remaining on his current deal, there have been serious hints linking him to a blockbuster deal in an attempt to attain further assets and kickstart a full-blown rebuild. With the combination of Bergeron nearly on his way out, Marchand already on his back-nine, and a few injuries now plaguing the club’s 2022-23 season, you get the sense that some change, potentially huge, could take place. And while the Pastrnak news is merely a rumor, it’s certainly something to keep close tabs on. Stay tuned on that.

The Draft

Thanks to a deal that brought in veteran defender, Hampus Lindholm, the Bruins, for the third time in five years, did not carry a first-round pick. With an already moderate prospect pool, the lack of picks is concerning, especially if they choose to blow the team up and rebuild.

While they would go on to make a few mid-draft trades to offload and shuffle various picks around, the club settled for a grand total of six picks throughout the weekend. Of course, with their highest pick in the depths of the second round (54), this draft was more about building depth than finding the club’s next top-six star. To their credit, they managed to pull some intriguing, and much-needed, center depth, who can play Bruins-type hockey.

Round Two, 54th Overall – Matthew Poitras, C

Poitras, a 2021-22 Guelph Storm rookie, earns his role by outplaying opponents. He brings a decent skillset to the table, but his defining feature is his high-end, non-stop motor. He is relentless in all areas of the ice and has a knack for causing panic and eventual turnovers due to the constant pressure.