Ramblings: Winners and Losers of the 2022 NHL Draft

Kyle Watson


It has been much too long since I have written a ramblings article.

To all my loyal readers, I sincerely apologize! My work on the DraftCast has taken up most of my time this year.

Pat and I were actually going to do a winners and losers video for the latest episode – until Rogers decided to give out on us. After the draft (which I was able to watch on cable TV), I sat in boredom with no way to contact anyone or entertain myself for a couple of hours. Then, I decided to write this article – entirely from memory. It has since been edited with all the missing information and clips I now have access to again with the internet working again.

Without further ado, here are my winners and losers of the 2022 NHL Draft.

Winners from the 2022 NHL Draft

Montreal Canadiens 

Draft Picks

Don’t mistake me for a Slafkovský first-overall guy. Shane Wright was the best player available at first overall. The Habs have needed a franchise center for years now and they keep galaxy brain-ing it. First, they traded Sergachev for Drouin, then they picked Kotkaniemi at 3 in 2018, and now they trade for Kirby Dach.

While I think highly of Dach and Suzuki, neither of them currently projects as a first-line center. Personally, I think even Logan Cooley or Simon Nemec would have been better picks than Slafkovský. The only positive here is that Mesar and Slafkovský will get to play together in the NHL.