WHL Report: Outlining the Top WHL prospects in the 2022 Entry Draft

Sebastian High


For this month’s WHL report, I figured that the most relevant topic would be focusing on the top WHL players available in the upcoming draft, as it is just around the corner. There are six players from the ‘W who projects as first-round picks this year. I will cover them in the order of my rankings, which you can check out here.
Denton Mateychuk, LD, Moose Jaw Warriors
Denton Mateychuk is a fun player to watch. If you want to read an in-depth look at his play, you’re more than welcome to check out last month’s WHL report which focused solely on him. Mateychuk is a “unicorn” — no NHL player really plays the game that he does and that will undoubtedly spook teams and it makes him a candidate to fall to the mid-to-late twenties. However, despite this, he is my eighth-highest ranked player in the class and the second-highest defenceman on my board. Mateychuk is a master of offensive activation. When he gets the puck in the offensive zone he keeps his head up and attacks, often along the boards and constantly scanning for playmaking options. His pass accuracy shines when he’s in motion, and he has the mobility and handling ability to evade defenders before sending a pass to a teammate in the slot. He has a high-end offensive mind, and it makes him a huge threat both with and without the puck.

Off-puck, he likes to drift into the high slot and open himself up as a passing option, when he gets that pass, his shot is a real threat as well. Defensively, Mateychuk closes his gaps very quickly