Fantasy Summary

Intelligent two-way winger who competes hard and plays a physical game. Has all the makings of a reliable top-six NHL forward.


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July 2022 – The Minnesota Wild have selected Yurov with the 24th overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. Nick Richard

April 2022 – Yurov remained loaned to Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk of the MHL after November 30th and was only brought back to Metallurg Magnitogorsk of the KHL once playoffs started. He continued to dominate the MHL, as he is too good for that league, with 36 points in 23 games and he was an assist per game player. The team is very high on Yurov long-term but will not trust him with ice time and games as he has played in 14 out of 17 games. His ice time has fluctuated greatly with a game as low as 37 seconds and one game as high as 8:41, but that eight minutes was an outlier as he has only two games over four minutes and usually averages between one to three minutes. Yurov is not getting the ice time to produce during the playoffs, even as he starts all of his shifts in the offensive zone, as there is nothing you can really do during one minute of a game unless you get lucky, but he has at least taken some faceoffs. On the plus side he is getting playoff experience which will help him with developing mentally. Yurov is what he is though: a fantastically skilled winger; a strong fast skater; and a smart two-way winger. Pat Quinn

December 2021 – Yurov has been caught in a tough spot so far this season – good enough to be on his KHL club’s roster, but still too young and inexperienced to earn the trust of his coaches and receive significant ice time. He has been dominant when loaned to the MHL, however, putting up 12 points in just six games. Those brief glim