World Junior Championship Hot Takes 2022

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the best time of the year. It is cold outside for a majority of people, so why not warm up with some hot takes provided by myself and Zachary Szweras (@Zack_Szweras)! The takes are of a rapid-fire variety and can be not as detailed, but one thing is for sure: The takes are spicy



Group A


Pat: Connor Bedard spends a majority of the tournament healthy scratched

  • He is great and he will be great, but facts are facts and head coaches always prefer the older players. Do not forget the all important #Size as he is just 5-9
  • Spicy level: 4/5 Thai Chili Peppers

–OR the other take–

Zachary Szweras: Bedard ends up playing top line with Wright and Perfetti and leads tournament in points

  • He is an exceptional player and will do exceptional things in this tournament
  • Spicy level: 2/5 Peter peppers


Ridly Greig will not be suspended at all during the tournament

  • This is the spicier of the takes for myself as I would bet good money on him getting suspended at least once during the tournament
  • Spicy level: 5/5 Louisiana hot sauces


Olen Zellweger leads Canada in scoring

  • “What, a young defenseman leading Canada in scoring, you must be crazy!” Is probably what you, the reader is saying, but Anaheim will prove all other team’s silly for passing on him until the second round
  • Spicy level: 4/5 Tabasco bottles


Canada does not medal in the end

  • Pat: During the first round of the playoffs Canada gets cold on the scoring front and ends up not being able to come back from an early game deficit to ultimately go home early
  • Zachary Szweras: Cossa/Garand struggle in net and the defence is weaker than most years leading to a semi’s lose to Sweden or US and losing the bronze
  • Spicy level: 3/5 Ghost Peppers




Topi Niemelä leads Finland in scoring

  • This take is not that spicy as it is easily doable since Niemela is awesome: 1.5/5 Frank’s Red Hot


Pat: Brad Lambert gets scratched after the second game and does not get back in to a game

  • Lambert has tumbled down the first-round rankings in many large scouting service rankings (at least Sportsnet got his Liiga team right though), and this causes him to be drafted in round four
  • Spicy level: 4/5 Ring-O-Fire Cayenne Peppers

–OR Reversely–

Zachary Szweras: Brad Lambert leads all 2022 Draft eligibles in points in the tournament and brings his draft stock back up

  • Spicy level: 4/5 Puya Chile peppers




Germany squeaks through to avoid what would be relegation

  • Spicy level: 2/5 Habaneros



Czech Republic

Pat: The Czech’s finish second in Group A and medal in the end

  • Spicy level: 3.5/5 Jalapenos

–OR Similarly–

Zachary Szweras: Czechia takes the 2nd spot below Canada in Group A

  • With the help of captain Jan Mysak leading the tournament in points and a strong showing from 2022 Draft Eligible Jiri Kulich
  • Spicy level: 3/5 Serrano peppers


Jan Myšák finishes top five in WJC scoring

  • It can happen so this take is not as spicy: 2/5 Siracha bottles