Prospect Ramblings: Pod Signs, Caufield Moves On & Knight Shines

Dave Hall


Welcome back to Tuesday’s Prospect Ramblings.

While some get the privilege of enjoying cutthroat playoff hockey, the remaining fanbases are forced to look towards much less nail-biting events. In this case, it’s the NHL Draft Lottery, which is set to run on Wednesday, June 2nd. This will be our first look at Ron Francis and the newly appointed Seattle Kraken organization, as they look to move up the leaderboard to announce their inaugural draft pick. They currently sit in the third spot with a 10.3% chance of winning that coveted first-overall.

In case you need a refresher, here is how the percentages shakedown heading in:

Buffalo Sabres – 16.6%

Anaheim Ducks – 12.1%

Seattle Kraken – 10.3%

New Jersey Devils – 10.3%

Columbus Blue Jackets – 8.5%

Detroit Red Wings – 7.6%

San Jose Sharks – 6.7%

Los Angeles Kings – 5.8%

Vancouver Canucks – 5.4%

Ottawa Senators – 4.5%

Arizona Coyotes – 3.1% (Forfeited)

Chicago Blackhawks – 2.7%

Calgary Flames – 2.2%

Philadelphia Flyers – 1.8%

Dallas Stars – 1.4%

New York Rangers – 1.0%

While most years have their fair share of question marks heading into draft day, this year’s draft crop holds a higher percentage of uncertainty. With no consensus number one, two, or even ninth player in the draft, Wednesday’s lottery has the potential to turn many scout’s rankings topsy-turvy. It’s just one of those years where a player you had ranked 15th gets taken fifth, and vice versa. It’s going to be fun.

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