Prospect Ramblings: Prospect Goalie Chances – East Division

Pat Quinn



Welcome to the Thursday prospect ramblings. This week I will continue my series of looking at NHL teams’ goalie prospects, if there is room for them in the near future, and how long I estimate they could take to be on the roster. I have already completed the West division (check it out) and the North division. Just remember with my “analysis”:

“Goalies can take a long time to get to the NHL and sometimes us Fantasy GMs forget that as they are the shiny new toy that we falsely proclaim “will be the starter if they give him a shot next season.” I always remind myself to look at goalie prospects differently. There are only so many NHL spots, and one year a goalie can be unstoppable and the next year he is on waivers because he is so bad. Goalies need to be looked in a way where you look at the team, see who is starting what their contract(s) are like, and how likely the prospect will get to actually start.” –


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Rask and Halak are both UFAs this off season and are 34 and 35 respectively. With Boston being in “Cup Contender” mode there are a few options Boston can do, and of course no one knows if Rask will really retire as rumours suggest. Option one has both Rask and Halak returning with one, or both, contract(s) being at least a year; option two has Rask retire or move on to another team; option three has Halak retire or move on; and option four has both leave the franchise. If there is one, or two, goaltending spots open on the Bruins then it will be a battle between:

  • Dan Vladar – He appears to be the current front runner as he has been the one replacing Rask this season, and performing pretty well in two games with a 0.952 save percentage. He has been great in the AHL since 2019-2020 so there is not much of a reason to keep him with Providence. He did sign a three-year extension in August of 2020, and year three has a one-way clause. The current ECHL/NHL experience should give him the leg up on the competition but he will have a strong test from:
  • Jeremy Swayman – Signing with the Bruins in March 2020 after three-year in the NCAA with the University of Maine, Swayman comes with high expectations he is already living up to in the AHL. Well, he is living up to the high expectations in a small sample size of eight games, but in those eight games he has a 0.932 save percentage and 1.88 goals against average. I would bet that the Bruins would prefer he play in the AHL longer, so if options two or three above happen the Vladar should have the edge, but in option four you would have to bet the Bruins would give Swayman a chance to prove himself.
  • Kyle Keyser – The least sexy and least thought of name in the Bruins goaltending pipeline, Keysey would have a much better chance if he was able to play more, but unfortunately he missed all but seven total games