SHL Report (October 2020)

Tomáš Zahorák


Photo courtesy: Repê

The season started approximately one month ago. A lot of things have happened since then and I am here to summarize some of the most fascinating and eye-catching performances by the best NHL prospects in the SHL. 


However, to make it even more interesting, I decided to not only write down my thoughts about the best and the most popular prospects but also include players that I have not talked about much but deserve to be mentioned due to their recent progress. That means I could not include a new Kings prospect Lias Andersson in here because he was penalized for five games and missed the majority of the month. I think it is a nice mix of all these things, so I hope you will enjoy it. There is also an additional category at the end of the article where I wrote down my thoughts on two players who have had a bit of an underwhelming season, at least from what I have seen so far.


Jonatan Berggren, LW, Skellefteå AIK (Detroit Red Wings)

Imagine a missile flying full speed right through your defense. That is the perfect description of  Jonatan Berggren’s game during this season. Right from the start, it seemed like he already forgot about a little underwhelming preseason and started producing on a whole new level. But do not get me wrong, I have been high on him since the beginning of September, but the production just did not come until the serious games started. Then he exploded just like the missile, hitting the back of the net twice and setting up teammates for 11 goals in nine games. 


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Berggren plays all-around the ice. He is just everywhere. Focused, more mature, and in the best shape, I have seen him in a while. He is still very fast, very skilled, but now also more physical, confident, and just better overall. I, personally, have loved him since game one. If he can stay healthy, I am pretty sure that he is going to have a huge season.     


Karl Henriksson, LW, Frölunda HC (New York Rangers)

Even though Henriksson has recorded only two assists in eight games, I have been very pleased with his performance, especially when it comes to his defensive game. He has looked very mature for his age and as a result, has spent a lot of time on the penalty kill. He is also great at retaining possession under pressure and entering the offensive zone. Henriksson is not afraid to go to the dirty areas and take some net-front battles, although he gets outwrestled by his opponents at times. He still has some work to do when it comes to physicality. 


However, I have not