Prospect Ramblings: Potential Stand Out Prospects for the 24-Team Playoff

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday Prospect Ramblings. This week I will go over one prospect for each team that I feel has a potential chance to stand out in these playoffs if given the opportunity.


I was going to finish my decade of drafting series with the EJHL, CJHL, OJHL, MJHL, and compare them to the BCHL and AJHL piece I did to in the beginning but there were not enough players on those leagues to really merit a good ramblings. There were eight from the EJHL, six from the CJHL, 21 in the OJHL, and six in the MJHL. Perhaps I should have included the OJHL in my original piece as they only had one less than the AJHL. Well let me just say that 23% of the OJHL players drafted turned out, which is five.


My plan now is to look at the countries outside North America and see how those players turned out between 2008 and 2018. That will be next week. Right now, let us see my #GoodTweet of the week:





I am going to run down my list East to West from Exhibition to play-in teams





Boston Bruins

  • Anders Bjork – I really do not know what extra to add here that Dobber already added on Monday. He looked good then got hurt, then came back looked good and was hurt again. Hopefully he can play these playoffs without injury


Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Alex Barre-Boulet – A skilled player on the small side for the Tampa Bay Lightning that has been great in the AHL. Stop me if you have heard this story before. With the potential to play in the top nine for Tampa in the playoffs, Barre-Boulet could have a coming out party that could result in Tamp