Dobber’s DraftCast Episode 1: The Effects of the Delayed 2020 NHL Draft

Jokke Nevalainen



In Episode 1 of Dobber’s DraftCast, hosts Tony Ferrari and Jokke Nevalainen review how the delayed 2020 NHL Entry Draft affects things in different countries, at what point the leagues are expected to start their 2020-2021 seasons, and what kind of expectations they have for the upcoming season for some of the top prospects available in the draft.


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0:15 Introducing the plan for the podcast
3:40 Russia (Rodion Amirov, Artyom Galimov, Alexander Nikishin, Shakir Mukhamadullin, Yaroslav Askarov, Alexander Pashin, Dmitri Ovchinnikov)
13:10 Canada (Alexis Lafrenière, Quinton Byfield, Seth Jarvis)
24:30 Sweden (Lucas Raymond, Alexander Holtz, Noel Gunler, Zion Nybeck, Emil Andrae, Helge Grans, Emil Heineman, William Wallinder, Theodor Niederbach, Anton Johannesson)
44:20 Finland (Anton Lundell, Ruben Rafkin, Kasper Puutio, Ville Ottavainen, Topi Niemelä, Roni Hirvonen, Kasper Simontaival, Roby Järventie)
55:30 USA (Jake Sanderson, Brendan Brisson, Thomas Bordeleau, Sam Colangelo, Sean Farrell)
1:03:40 Germany (Tim Stützle, John-Jason Peterka, Lukas Reichel)
1:09:00 Champions Hockey League
1:12:20 What’s coming up at


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