Roll of the Dice: 2020 Mock Draft – Chaos Edition

Cam Robinson



Every June, the hockey community becomes saturated with mock drafts. Everyone and their dog takes a swing at predicting how the entry draft will shake out. Every year, they’re wrong. So this year, while we have extra time waiting for the draft to occur, our Western League Scout, Joel Henderson created the Chaos Mock Draft.

Here’s how it works: First the team – Head of North American Scouting, Tony Ferrari, Managing Editor, Cam Robinson, and Henderson took the seven confirmed lottery teams and added the lower-seeded clubs from the play-in round and dumped them into the Tankathon generator. Then we gave one magical click and, voila! The absolute worst-case scenario for bottom-feeders. 



Now, the slots at the top are already nasty enough to fall in line with the madness that we sometimes see at the lottery. But to add further flame to the fire, Joel instituted an additional chaos factor. Before each pick was made, we would roll a six-sided die. The results of that roll would drive the direction of the selection. 


The formula is simple:

Roll 2-5 – Solid Pick

Roll 1 or 6 – Chaos Time


Now, just because it’s a chaotic pick doesn’t mean we just went bananas. It simply means the team went with ‘their guy’ rather than what public lists would indicate as the best player available. Maybe it’s in a position they’re loaded in. But screw it, they’re taking him anyway.  The three of us had to channel our inner GM/Head of Amateur Scouting to make these selections. 


Picks with a star (*) are designated chaos picks


* [Cam] 1st Overall – Anaheim – Quinton Byfield, C 

Yeah, the Ducks not only won the lottery but they got wild too. Anaheim moves up seven spots to nab their future number one centre. Byfield has an opportunity to learn how to be a dominant big man pivot from one of the best of his generation in Ryan Getzlaf. 

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* [Joel] 2nd Overall – New Jersey – Alexis Lafreniere, LW

Tough to add more fire to something already burning. If Anaheim wants the C, then NJ gets luckier than they anticipated. This is a dream-like scenario and the dice allowed it to occur. Whether it is Jack Hughes or Nico Hischier moving forward, he makes the trading away of Taylor Hall more than ok.

[Tony] 3rd Overall – Chi