Prospect Ramblings: The NHL Draft and Looking back at Last Years Top-50 Prospects

Mason Black



Photo courtesy of the Canadian Hockey League


With the recent news of the NHL and NHLPA agreeing upon a return-to-play format, it comes with the hope that certain timelines will follow in the near future. That means an increase in the amount of pre-draft hype that will circulate most social media platforms, where any avid fantasy hockey participant will have their eyes peeled to the trends that will help in preparation for their own drafts.


At this point in time it is still too early to say what format the NHL will take in outlining a lottery system for those seven teams that will not be playing in the 24-team playoff format: Detroit, Ottawa, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, New Jersey or Buffalo. It is also still a possibility for teams that will participate in the play-in round may also be allowed to be a part of the lottery.


Here are some things to keep in mind that the NHL is still trying to iron out with respect to the entry draft:

  • One of the biggest issues concerning the time the draft is held is that certain NHL teams are in a position to trade players and picks to set themselves up for future years. For instance, the Montreal Canadiens have 14 picks (the Ottawa Senators have 13) in this year’s draft and could package those for a roster player in the 2020-21 season. If the draft happens prior to the 2020 playoffs, will trading for players be allowed? 
  • Draft-eligible prospects want to know which team drafts them so that they can better prepare for 20