March NHL Draft Report: Where We Go From Here

Tony Ferrari


The Montreal 2020 Draft Logo


March Draft Report is a monthly column that highlights a number of topics in the NHL Draft world at the time. Each month will have the main feature story, a themed ‘Team of the Month’ and a Prospect Spotlight that takes a bit of a deeper look at a player. This month we are taking a look at what the stoppage in play means for the scouting world, we put together the ‘All-Overage Team’ and we put a spotlight on the smart and steady Eamon Powell. 


The month of March is coming to a close and we are without hockey, and sports in general, for the foreseeable future thanks to COVID19. My Dobber Prospects colleague Brayden Olafson gave a great look at how things changed with immediate reaction to everything right after it happened. Now, we are a few weeks into things and many seasons have been canceled from the USHL and CHL, Memorial Cup included, to many of the European leagues. The NHL Draft and everything with it has been postponed and NHL teams still have no idea if a return to play this season is even reasonable. 


So now the question being asked by many is “What does the draft world do now?” and what does everyone do now? There have even been questions as to whether outlets, Dobber Prospects included, will continue putting out content. 


Let’s start with the latter question. The team here at Dobber Prospects will not only be continuing to produce the excellent content that we always strive to provide but we will have more in-depth deep dives, interviews with players from Europe to North America, we will be adding an updating the 2020 draft profiles and we will be able to produce some excellent feature work. You can rely on us to help pass the time during isolation and physical distancing. 


As for the initial question about what the draft work does now, that’s what we are going to look at this month in the NHL Draft Report. We are going to cover what changes in our plans, what we are doing now that there are no new games and how this could actually result in one of the best-covered drafts in the history of the sport. 


What Changes In Our Plans? 


To be honest, this is the easy part. The simple answer is not much. We work to the draft, whenever that may be and then pretend to take a few days off before we get into next years crop. That is still the plan for many of us. This Draft Report will continue to come out monthly, most analysts in the draft world will still continue doing their thing by putting out their content, providing whatever insight they can and studying the players in this draft. 


The one big change that does affect many of us that we won’t be attending games and seeing live hockey for quite some time possibly. While I will always say that scouting on video is a wond