Prospect Ramblings: Team Finland WJC Thoughts

Jokke Nevalainen



It’s the final day of 2018, and that means the only thing worth discussing right now is what’s happening at the World Juniors. The games are played at a terrible time for us Finns because the first games start at 11 PM whereas the last games start at 5:30 AM. Because of that, I’ve only seen a few games. Finland is the only team I’ve seen more than once, so I’m going to focus on them.




After two games and one period, Finland finally made the line change everyone was expecting, moving Linus Nyman to the top line alongside Rasmus Kupari (LAK) and Aleksi Heponiemi (FLA), and putting Eeli Tolvanen (NSH) with the two 17-year-old stud prospects Kaapo Kakko (2019) and Anton Lundell (2020).


Tolvanen is better than Nyman but there’s only one puck on the ice. There wasn’t enough touches for Tolvanen because Kupari and Heponiemi play together so much. Kupari and Heponiemi have amazing chemistry, so you don’t need a guy like Tolvanen on that line.


Kakko and Lundell are very talented players as well but their style is a much better fit with Tolvanen. Kakko will likely go in the top two next summer, and Lundell has looked like a top five pick for a while now. A lot of people outside of Finland have been sleeping on Lundell but he’s legit, and I think people have started to notice that now.


These new lines are the ones many were expecting to see before the tournament but for whatever reason, the Finnish coaching staff waited a long time before putting them together. I believe these lines will stick until the end of the tournament because of how good both lines looked in the final two periods against Slovakia.


The third line that includes Aarne Talvitie (NJD), Sante