Prospect Ramblings: AHL All Star Replacements, Kostin, and the Rangers – January 25 2018

Pat Quinn



Is it really Thursday again? Why yes it is. You get to read what I write, yay!


This week’s PQ’s rambling will be on a Kostin (who I traded for in a keeper pool), a possibly forgotten Bruins prospect, Lias Andersson’s debut, and the AHL All-Star roster update!


Music for the read features the good Canadian boy(s) Danko Jones:






I read an article tweeted by @AlexSerenRosso (who is a must follow on twitter) in mid-January over at The Hockey Writers regarding Klim Kostin and his time in the AHL, it is a must read as well. It starts off with Kostin telling the interviewer (Alexei Shevchenko) that the Blues promised an NHL debut this season if he plays well in the World Junior Championship.


Needless to say, we should see him in at least one game before the season winds up. The most interesting part is here:


AS: Lately you don’t have a lot of minutes in the AHL, and also haven’t the best stats.


KK: I’m ready to explain what’s going on. The fact is that the Blues don’t have their own farm team. San Antonio is now primarily helping [the] Colorado [Avalanche]. At the start of the season I was playing many minutes and had good stats, but then the Avalanche assigned some players and I have been moved down in the depth chart. I don’t play on the power play now. Nothing strange.


AS: Why aren’t you playing for the Chicago Wolves? The Blues assign players there too.


KK: As far as I understand, the Blues send their younger players to San Antonio, while the more experienced guys get assigned to Chicago.


AS: What does the coach tell you?


KK: He says that I’m doing everything well and that all is good. Simply the situation is this and I can’t change it.


You can find the article here:


The Vegas expansion really messed with St. Louis’ AHL prospects and a lot of low numbers for their younger prospects are mainly affiliated with low ice time. San Antonio is leaning more towards older players and of course developing Avalanche prospects. This season could put a hamper on St. Louis prospects in the AHL.


Samuel Blais apparently does not care for my assumption as he has 22 points in 19 games.




Time for my mystery Bruins player to be revealed!