2017 Organizational Prospects Rankings

Peter Harling


2017 Organizational Prospects Rankings

The long overdue DobberProspects Organizational Rankings has returned!

Ranking prospects is a pretty subjective exercise; one person may have a very high opinion of a player, while another may have a rather low opinion of the same player. Everyone has their biases of course so in order to produce the most accurate ranking for each NHL teams prospects we organized a panel of senior writers from DobberProspects to create a consensus ranking.

The Panel includes:

Peter Harling – Managing Editor

Hayden Soboleski – Associate Editor

Cam Robinson – Junior Associate Editor

Kevin LeBlanc – Senior Writer

Jason Banks – Senior Writer

Joel Henderson – Senior Writer

Brad Phillips – Senior Writer

Pat Quinn – Senior Writer

Kevin Wickersham – Senior Writer

The criteria used to rank teams prospects was our own individual grading for each player in each team’s top ten prospects, as well as adding extra points for 21 and under NHL roster players. The formula for the grading system was a letter grade from A+ to D was assigned a descending point value from a 10 for an A+ to a 1 for D or less. As mentioned bonus points for under 21 roster players and some discretionary points really helped vault teams like Toronto and Edmonton up. That would give each writer their own ranking of 1-31. Using those lists a consensus was compiled. Top ranked teams would receive a score of 1 while 31st ranked team earned a score of 31. All nine lists combined give the final score and the ranking below.  Like Golf, lower scores are better.

Of course this is a fantasy site so emphasis and higher scoring was placed on prospects with higher upside and a faster projection to the NHL.

Here are the 30 NHL organizations, ranked by prospect appeal in fantasy hockey and the final score (click the team name to see the Top 10 players)

31. Los Angeles Kings – 261

No surprise here. After years of trading away first round picks lends to a poor prospect cupboard. The addition of Gabe Vilardi at the 2016 draft instantly becomes the Kings top prospect.  LA has done a great job of finding value in late rounds of drafts and has a few players from the late, late rounds but nothing to get too excited about.  Only ranked 31st by one writer, the Kings highest rank was only 26th which just puts them behind the Penguins by the slightest of margins. The Kings Stanley Cup wins are in the rear view mirror now and with some of the long term contracts on their veterans the future starts to look grim for the Kings.  Peter Harling

Great draft but nothing else there.  Pat Quinn

30. Pittsburgh Penguins – 259

Having won back-to-back Stanley Cups makes being ranked 30th pretty easy to take, and the Penguins have a habit of pulling a rabbit out of their hat and finding a prospect from nowhere. However trading their 2017 first round pick, 31st overall (Klim Kostin) for Ryan Reeves is a trade that will haunt the Penguins for years if they don’t three peat as Stanley Cup Champs. Out of the eight contributors, four ranked