Prospects Ramblings: Traverse City NHL Prospect Tournament Preview

Kevin LeBlanc




On September 16th, eight NHL teams will send their selected prospect rosters to the 18th Annual NHL Prospect Tournament in Traverse City, Michigan. The tournament consists of two, four-team divisions named for NHL Hall of Famers Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay. Each team will play a round-robin schedule within their division, with the division winners playing for the Matthew Wuest Memorial Cup in the Championship.

Gordie Howe Division                 Ted Lindsay Division
Columbus Blue Jackets                   Carolina Hurricanes
Chicago Blackhawks                   Minnesota Wild
St. Louis Blues                   Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings                   New York Rangers          


Traverse City By the Numbers

Total players on a Traverse City roster who were NHL draft picks: 112

Number of players drafted in 2016 playing in Traverse City: 25

Team with the most drafted players on their Traverse City roster: Carolina, 18

Highest drafted player playing in the tournament: Pierre-Luc Dubois – CBJ, 3rd Overall – 2016


Team Breakdowns:


Carolina Hurricanes

Forwards    Drafted      Defense    Drafted      Goaltenders    Drafted
Clark Bishop 2014,
7th Overall
    Jake Bean 2016,
13th Overall
    Callum Booth 2015,
93rd Overall
Hudson Elynuik 2016,
74th Overall
    Noah Carroll 2016,
164th Overall
    Jeremy Helvig 2016,
134th Overall
Mike Ferrantino Undrafted     Haydn Fleury 2014,
7th Overall
     Alex Nedeljkovic