Tanner Faith

Dean Youngblood


Tanner Faith - Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports


Tanner Faith, D

Shoots: R

Height: 6-3

Weight: 216

Born: 1995-10-05

Hometown: Terrace, BC, CAN

Drafted: 2014 by the Minnesota Wild, 139th overall



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June 2015 – Injuries have hampered Tanner Faith’s development, however without them bringing down his draft stock the Wild probably wouldn’t have had the chance to take a flier on him when they did. His upside is understandably being called into question with how much he is sidelined, but when he does play he does give his the Kootenay defense a good shot in the arm. In action, Faith demonstrates defensive play that is mature beyond his years and a mean streak that can’t be taught. He makes for a nice stable counterpart to a defenseman that oversteps their boundary on the offence. Edric Joseph


Fantasy Outlook: C-

Faith’s development has been stunted, but barring further injury he can make a good impact on skater peripheral stats one day.



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