Jan 13th, 2015

Austin Wallace


Olli Matta is done, but Brett Ritchie, Teemu Pulkkinen and William Nylander are just getting started.


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Has Olli Maatta had the unluckiest year of any 20 year old prospect, ever? Mumps, tumor and shoulder surgery? Come on. Yes, that run of injuries can give you some pause in terms of value, but I think he is actually an excellent buy low right now. With nine points in 20 games this year, while seeing slightly fewer offensive zone starts and better competition and getting 16 even strength minutes and 1.5 PP minutes on a stacked team… Maatta was on pace for an excellent age-20 season.

He has played 97, 85, and 85 games respectively the last three seasons, so durability really isn’t as much of a concern as it seems. If you can snatch him from someone in contention, do it.





William Nylander is coming over to North America, and for good it seems. Spoiler alert, but he was ranked very very high among his draft class in the (incredible) midseason guide… And that was before he decided to come over.

With age-adjusted numbers that are better than everyone from Peter Forsberg to the Sedins to some old guy that ditched Toronto for Vancouver in the twighlight of his career, and playing over 19 minutes a game, Forsberg should be ready for the AHL now and the NHL very soon. He didn’t have much more to play for in Sweden, with his team tied for last place.

His NHL-equivalence numbers put him at .75 NHL points per game. This doesn’t mean he would actually score at that pace, but it is our best guess. Mitigating factors include the vast differences in roles he could see: In Modo he was leaned on to score, while in Toronto they will likely shelter him with limited minutes, at least to start. I do think he is the real deal, but if there is a blue-blooded manager in your league, it wouldn’t hurt to get a feel for his value.




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Brett Ritchie is playing on the Stars top line and powerplay right now, which has to be exciting for the 21 year old. Jum Nill isn’t afraid of shuffling players up and down from Texas, so this is very likely to be another short stint; eventually, the short stints will be a thing of the past and he will be up for good. He has tremendous multi-cat value long-term, as he will score, hit, shoot and spend his fair share of time in the sin bin. I give him a one in four shot at sticking on the top line for an e